Benefits of using a Content Delivery Network

Benefits of using a Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network is the best means of getting a website to load quickly. It is the name given to a network of servers that deliver the pages of a website to the users in the shortest possible time, owing to their proximity to the user. The CDN as it is commonly known helps the website in delivering its pages to a user stationed far away from the website’s main server, through one of its servers that is present close to the user.

Having a fast loading website is the dream of every website owner. Not only does it improve the ranking of the website on the Search Engines but also provides the users a better website experience which encourages them to visit the website again.

Moreover, it also reduces the bounce rate of the website as well. It is due to the presence of these advantages that more and more website owners want to have a website that loads faster. The best way of accomplishing this task is by making use of a Content Delivery Network or CDN. The following are some of the key benefits that the use of a CDN can offer you.

Speedy Delivery of Content

Among the advantages that a CDN can provide, the speedy delivery of content is by far the most important.

  • A CDN has servers present closer to the users, thus they are able to transmit and deliver content much more quickly to the users.
  • The closer the server is present to the user the lesser is the chance of packet loss and even faster delivery of content.
  • CDN providers utilize a new technology by the name of TCP acceleration that further boosts the speed of content delivery to the users.

Using a CDN can greatly enhance the delivery of content to the viewers of your website. You will become able to transmit the content of your website more quickly and in a much safer manner to the users than was every possible by using a CDN.

The servers of this network that are present closer to the users will ensure that no packet is lost while transmission and data does not has to travel long distance to reach the user, resulting in any delays or lags. Moreover, the use of TCP acceleration is another big reason why CDNs are able to transfer content much more quickly to the website viewers.

Reduction in Website Downtime

Using a CDN will significantly reduce the downtime suffered by a website due to a hardware or software issue.

  • The CDN servers will not let a malfunction shutout the entire website.
  • If one server suffers a problem, the user will be directed to another CDN server.
  • The user’s website experience is never compromised and the website never suffers any downtime.

The biggest problem that website owners face is the downtime suffered by their websites whenever a malfunction or hardware/software issues comes up with one of the servers. However, with a CDN, no such thing can happen as the users are simply directed to another CDN server in case one of the servers shuts down. This way the users never experience any breaks in service and the website remains online all the time.

Thus, a Content Delivery Network is highly advantageous for website owners and its use can help them in enhancing the user experience of their sites.

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