How to Setup a CDN with WordPress and W3 Total Cache

How to Setup a CDN with WordPress and W3 Total Cache

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a server network that can help a website in minimizing its ‘loading’ times. This network has servers present in multiple locations all over the world and can thus, deliver a website’s stored pages to a user much faster than a remote server of the website that is located at a greater distance away from the user.

Using CDN with WordPress based websites that have W3 Total Cache plug-in installed can prove to be a master stroke. This can enhance the loading speed of the website exponentially and can bring down the loading times to a bare minimum. The W3 Total Cache plug-in can greatly help in optimizing the website’s many features, thus making it more accessible and user-friendly for the people that visit it.

Together with the CDN, the W3 Total Cache can go a long way in making your website load much quicker than other WordPress websites. With your website loading fast, the users coming to the website will not leave quickly and your bounce rate is going to go down as well.

How to Setup and Install the W3 Total Cache Plug-in

The following steps need to be followed for setting up the W3 Total Cache plug-in for a WordPress website.

  • Click on the Plug-ins section in your WordPress Admin Panel.
  • Search for W3 Total Cache in the Add New section.
  • Activate the W3 Total Cache plug-in after finding it by clicking the install now button.

How to Setup a CDN with the W3 Total Cache

If you want to setup a CDN with your W3 Total Cache then you must follow the following steps.

  • Go to W3 Total Cache General Settings
  • Scroll down to the CDN section and tick the box to enable it.
  • For CDN Type, select Generic Mirror and apply the settings.
  • Next, go to W3′s CDN Settings and enter your CDN Origin in the “Replace site’s hostname with” box
  • You can enter multiple hostnames if needed.
  • Click on Test Mirror to confirm everything is working fine.
  • Apply the changes and you are done!

These settings will replace all links to your static content with the absolute path to your CDN hostname. So, you see, setting up a CDN with WordPress and W3 Total Cache is not a difficult task. You need to follow just a few steps in the right order and you can accomplish the task with ease.

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