Differences Between a Regular VPS and a Cloud VPS

Differences Between a Regular VPS and a Cloud VPS

A VPS or a Virtual Private Server and a Cloud VPS are among the two most widely used and debated about servers that are currently being used in the world at the present moment. Although they are similar in function, there are a number of key differences in their operation.

A Virtual Private Server is basically a physical machine or a server that has been sub-divided or branched in to a number of other servers. Each of these branched servers act as a virtual private server themselves but are a smaller than the parent server they have been branched out from. In contrast to a regular VPS, A Cloud VPS is a collection of many interconnected servers that are linked together with each other.

Due to their interconnected setup, the servers of a Cloud VPS provide a much larger storage space for the users. There are two types of Cloud VPS; one is private which is reserved for a single client only and the second is public in which the Cloud VPS has multiple users.

The Overall Cost

Cost is one of the major differences that are present in between a regular VPS and a Cloud VPS. You will have to invest a lot more money in setting up a cloud VPS than in a traditional VPS.

  • Since a Cloud VPS provides additional servers at a moment’s notice and higher scalability, it is a bit expensive.
  • The traditional VPS is a little light on the cost side as it does not offer any scalability to the users and is much limited in terms of providing storage.
  • Even with the higher price, the Cloud VPS is a much better option to use for clients than a VPS as it provides them more storage space and the ability to scale it at will.

Costing is among the most obvious and telling difference that you are going to find in between a Cloud VPS and a regular VPS. The traditional Virtual Private Servers are not billed quite highly as they do not offer much in terms of storage capacity and scalability to the users.

The Cloud VPS on the other hand delivers more storage space and provides the option of ‘scalability’ to the users as well. This is why the Cloud VPS is MORE expensive to set up or use than the traditional VPS.

Choice of Operating System

The users of a Cloud VPS have the choice of selecting their very own operating system while the traditional VPS users have to remain content with a single operating system and do not have a say in this matter.

  • Cloud VPS offers custom selection of operating system to the users.
  • Regular VPS users are not allowed the luxury of choosing an operating system of their choice.

When choosing a Cloud VPS, the users get the chance to select a separate operating system of their choice. This facility is not provided by the regular VPS and the users have to make use of the same operating system that is being used by each of the ‘branched’ physical servers.

The above-mentioned differences are only some of the major ones that differentiate a Cloud VPS from a regular VPS. These differences confirm that Cloud Virtual Private Servers are much better and more advantageous than the traditional Virtual Private Servers.

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